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Single Developer License
Allows One single developer
Royalty-free distribution on unlimited applications
Team License
Allows 5 developers
Royalty-free distribution on unlimited applications
One Domain/IP License
For web APP only, NOT for potential competitors
Developer Per Hour Rate Work
Commercial Support
Commercial Use
Use CrossUI for commercial work, client work or other profit-making purposes
Non-Profit Individual Use
For Non-commercial personal users or academic students, who are building projects which don't have any commercial intent
Non-Profit Organization Use
For academic institutions, fully Non-Profit organizations only
Each person who directly or indirectly use the CrosUI RAD or Prototyping is considered a developer
Royalty-free Distribution on Unlimited Applications
Including Web App, Desktop App or Mobile app for you or your customers
About Commercial Support
Above licenses do not include any commercial support
1). None of the products provide source code
2). Technically, each desktop License is bound to one computer only; each server License is bound to one domain name or IP only
3). Projects in online App Builder will be deleted from time to time
4). For Reseller, OEM or other Licenses, please contact for details
5). We provide special student license to students in school, as well as special academic license to academic institution, contact please
6). Some resources (such as Fusioncharts) are not part of CrossUI products. If you use those third-party resources in commercial projects, please purchase them separately (contact for a big discount)