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Extended Formatting

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I started doing this back with the predecessor of CrossUI UI Builder. Now CrossUI has the ability to format many of the proprieties just fine.

The snip-it of code below (what shall we call it HTML content ?) can be pasted directly into a caption property. You can for example do this with a form caption or a messages and a few others (just experiment).

<b><font color="#0000ff">Menu editor </font><font color="#8a2be2">Updated </font><font color="#ff0000">6/7/24</font><font color="#8a2be2"> </font></b><br>

I think this way of "Extended formatting" should be kept simple. If it is too elaborate it may break your code, or at least enter unexpected side effects into your program.

If you go to https://www.crossui.com/RAD/ and open the project "elmo ross Extended Formatting" you can see an example of how it works.

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