Inconsistencies on line verses local version.

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Inconsistencies on line verses local version.

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I installed version 2.52 on my local PC about a week ago. I ran my source code using the on line version I always experienced consistent results running the program previously.

This is the on line version I used

When I develop this app it works good on my desk top and after I deploy it.

When I load the same source from my app to the one line version it stopped working, It seemed to be working last week on the on line version.
Example link here of online version

The main thing that stopped working was the ability to read a json file.

if you look at the online version program name "elmo ross food truck menu editor" you will see 3 buttons. Bushing the middle button "Load current Data from web" you will see the code that I'm using (this code works fine on my local PC).

Can you assist me with this issue?

A thought, in the "Actions Editor" I'm using "Read Text form URL" is that correct?

Thanks Clark
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