CrossUI RAD Desktop 1.22 is released!

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CrossUI RAD Desktop 1.22 is released!

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CrossUI team proudly announces the release of CrossUI RAD Desktop version 1.22.

Changes since v1.20:

1. Added undo/redo functions for the Builder desinger view.

2. Debugging mechanism changed for better performance and more stable, no longer copy "runtime" folder into app dir before debug app.

NOTICE: You have to modify your debug.html according to the new "tempalte/debug.html" file, or you cant debug your xui app in CrossUI Desktop RAD.

3. Enhanced svg path editing function (added tool buttons in toolbar, and items in pop menu).

4. Added mobile view size options and showing mobile frame function.

5. Support mobile device with both Touch and Mouse.

6. Added a NeDB sample for desktop application with database.

7. Updated codemirror to version 4.1.

8. Some Bugs fixed.

You can get started downloading now: