CrossUI RAD Desktop 1.20 is released!

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CrossUI RAD Desktop 1.20 is released!

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CrossUI team proudly announces the release of CrossUI RAD Desktop version 1.20.

Changes since v1.11:

1. Added raphaeljs(SVG, VML in IE8-) to support vector graphics.

2. Added 60+ diagram widgets (including 30+ flow chart shapes) into the Builder.

3. Added xui.UI.FusionChartXT (it's a commercial product, you need to purchase separately, if you decide to use it) to support javaScript charts, old xui.UI.FusionChartFree3 and xui.UI.FusionChart3 (Flash solution) were removed.

4. Added configuration tools in Designer for those complex data type prop: "items", "dockMargin", "header" and "rows", etc.

5. In CrossUI desktop, added tingodb to support NoSql database solution. Tingodb's API and features designed to be upward compatible with MongoDB, you can upgrade your desktop App to CrossUI + Node.js + MongoDB web solution easily.

6. Many Bugs fixed.

You can get started downloading now:

And, We created a FusionChartXT Editor which enable web developers to edit FusionChartXT WYSIWYG.